Vow Renewals

I Choose You, All Over Again.

When two people wed it is a public declaration of a couple’s desire to share their lives as husband and wife. A vow renewal is an intimate sharing of that husband and wife who have been through the ups and downs, shared the good and the bad, weathered the changing tide of their love, and declare to each other, “I choose you, all over again.” A lasting marriage is something to be proud of and deserving of being celebrated in the most cherished way.
Couples renew their wedding vows for different reasons unique to them. For some couples it is the ultimate culmination of many years together. A way to celebrate a milestone in their marriage.
Some couples feel they didn’t have a “real” wedding the first time and want to have their day with all the formalities, taking the opportunity on their trip to Maui.
While others may have just come through a rough time in their marriage and feel like a new commitment to each other is a way of starting fresh again.
Some couples just love reliving their wedding and often mark significant anniversaries with a regular renewal ceremony.
And we get a lot of calls from couples who are here on vacation and have just gotten swept up in the romance of Maui and want to do something ultimately special with each other, and don’t need a reason at all.
Couples often ask us about the etiquette of exchanging their rings during a vow renewal ceremony. An exchanging of rings is not a standard part of a vow renewal ceremony unless the couple have new rings they wish to give to each other. Other options are to have their original rings blessed reconsecrating them, while still wearing them. A popular tradition here in the islands is to exchange leis in lieu of the ring exchange. These options will be discussed with you in greater detail when you book your ceremony.
All of our wedding packages are often used for vow renewals. Feel free to peruse them and see if there is one that suits you, or take advantage of our vow renewal special.

Special Vow Renewal Package – $450

Officate for ceremony
2 tropical flower leis to exchange
Non professional photographer to take pictures with your camera

Commemorative Wedding CertificateWith photography package of 24 high resolution images on a CD with printing rights – $750